Privacy Policy for Charlotte Rawles Photography

Oh hey! I know GDPR is literally the last thing most of us want to hear about now, but over here at Charlotte Rawles Photography HQ I really do care about your personal data and I want you to know I GOT YOUR BACK!

The data that I keep (because, ya know, I need it.)

This data is collected from your initial contact form, in order to reply I need to keep this data! I do keep it stored on a password protected database though, so we're all safe. 

  • Your names 
  • Your email address
  • Phone number
  • Date of session/wedding
  • Wedding venue or location of session
  • How you found me
  • As much as you want to tell me about yourselves!

And from then, if you decide to book with me, the following data is stored (in a safe purpose built database and this information is never shared with any third parties)

  • Your home address (So I can send you your photos!)
  • Additional information about your wedding day or family. (So I don't turn up in my pyjamas when it was meant to be a 70s themed day).
  • Additional emergency contact information (In case you go walkabout on your day and I'm stuck in the loo and can't get out)
  • Information about other wedding suppliers (Because, ya know, I like to credit your suppliers!)

After after your session, the other information I store is - 

  • Your photographs! Because I know I will love 'em! 

How your data is collected

Your data will be collected either through your initial email to me, or through my contact forms on my website and from then the booking forms and important info forms that I send to you just before your photo shoot.

Use of your data

The data stored will only be used in regards to your photography booking, and to let you know about additional offers I have on (This is very rare though because I am really not organised enough to promote). I may also contact you if a third party has requested your images, but I will only then pass on your images with your explicit consent.

Your personal data (email address, home address, phone number, emergency contact information, etc) will never be passed on to any third parties.

Some wedding or family blogs may love to feature your images, and may request some more information from you. The majority of the time this will be done through the blogs own questionnaires, but that data may occasionally come through me instead. All of that additional information will never be shared with anyone else but the third party that requested it in the first place. Again, this is all done with your explicit consent.

Currently I don’t have a mailing list, but if I do get my shit together and start one you won’t be signed up automatically to this list. You would have to opt in, which I would urge you to do because it would be awesome. 

Basic information may be passed on to second shooters that you book, such as names and contact numbers, but data passed over will be super minimal. You bet your ass that all second shooters I work with will be GDPR compliant.

Duration of data held

Your initial enquiry will be held in my records for 12 months, and then if you choose to book with me (thanks so much!!) your data will be stored and potentially used for 5 years.

Data storage

Your data will all be stored on encrypted and password protected hard drives and computers or a safe purpose built database. All data that is stored online (in my emails, back end software, etc) is locked behind a strong password. Any data on my phone is also password protected. Hard drives and computers are all stored behind locked doors unless out and about with me. 

Blog commenting

My blog is out in the open for anyone and everyone to see, so if you comment on it then that is solely your responsibility. I urge that you don't share all your secrets though.

image use

My main marketing tool is my photography, so I love to share your awesome images! I will share them on my social media profiles, in printed marketing, in competitions, and of course on my website. 

Your images may also be shared with other GDPR compliant blogs and vendors, with your explicit permission.

I tend to confirm multiple times that you are OK with me sharing your images before I do, so you can be sure your images aren’t going to pop up anywhere unexpected like a billboard in the middle of town of you twerking on the dance floor.

Your rights

Your Right to Confirmation: You are welcome to get in touch at any point to ask questions about how your data is handled and kept secure. I’m always happy to answer any queries that you may have.

Your Right to Access: You can request a report on all data of yours that I hold. This will be supplied as an electronic document.

Your Right to Rectification: You can also get in touch at any point to ask me to modify any of your stored data. In fact, I would really recommend doing so. If you have a change of address, phone number, etc please do let me know so I can keep my records up to date!

Your Right to Deletion: Under EU law you have the right to request to have your data deleted by me. If you wish to go ahead with this please just email me at to ask me. I’ll be happy to provide proof of deletion afterwards. Bare in mind that this will also mean I have no backup copies of your images anymore, so please ensure you have reliable backups of your pictures stored elsewhere.

Third party data use

As stated above your data may sometimes be shared with other third parties (Companies that I work with such as printers, my back end admin software, and wedding blogs/wedding suppliers). I ensure that all companies that I work with are also GDPR compliant, and will not use your data other than for it’s intended use. Your data will also only be passed on with your explicit consent.

And that is it! 

I have just become GDPR compliant so YAY GO ME. And you, for reading this far.