2018 - Wedding favourites


Wow! What. A. Year.

I have absolutely loved flicking through all of this years wedding galleries. It has made me smile, laugh and even cry and I couldn’t feel more grateful and privileged that I got to photograph so many wonderful couples with their friends and families.

The year started off slow and steady, it was good to get back into the swing of weddings after a quiet January and February and my wedding season started pretty local too in Sussex. The Summer months then took me along the coast both East and West, and all the way up the country as far as the Lake District too. At one point, we did a complete triangle of the country in 3 days - I’m not quite sure how we got through it.

The Summer started off slowly but soon my weekends were full to the brim with veils and laughs and I photographed a wedding every week for 13 weeks in a row. It was an utter blast and I loved every minute! Finding out I was expecting a babe in June did not stop the madness and I can’t believe we are now in January and looking back on the past year and I am sharing all my favourites from each wedding.

I sewed buttons back on, I ironed suits. I rocked babies to sleep and I adjusted veils. I wiped lipstick off cheeks and re did concealer. I played ‘it’ with the kids, I wiped tears away. I drove bridesmaids to the ceremony and I danced my socks off, and I loved every. single. minute. I guess I just can’t help but to put my whole self in to every wedding, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It has been wonderful, exhausting, exhilarating and quite frankly magnificent. Thank you. Thank you to every bride or groom who has chosen me to be a part of your day and document your wedding. Thank you to every guest who has bought me a drink, told me I was doing a great job or just chatted to me mid meal. Thank you to every guest that has helped me, made my job so much easier and rounded up the troops when needed. Thank you to every couple for trusting me, believing in me and allowing me to just do what I like with that little gadget I hold in my hands so dearly. Just, thank you.

Bring on 2019. I can’t wait. I am so SO excited.

A few of these weddings I was the second photographer for - a huge thank you to the follow photographers for having me along!

Will Fuller Photography

Camera Hannah

Kate Jackson Photography