Our 2018 so far.. {Personal}



2018 has been a bit of mental year so far, but super fun and we've crammed in so much into just the 5 months so far. I thought I'd do a roundup post of our year so far, as although I share a few of these pictures over on my Instagram, its really nice to look back on in a whole collection.

So January as we all knew it was cold and wet - but we still managed to enjoy a couple of days out and about. I also wanted to take the first few months of this year to practice with my partner, Will's, camera gear. I shoot with Canon and have done since I started photography six years ago but since knowing Will I am a massive Sony convert. I won't go all camera nerd on you because that's really not what this is about but the colours and handling of the Sony is just beyond dreamy. I can't wait to change over to Sony eventually. 

So first up was a trip to the Old Town in Hastings. Harvey was with his Dad so we took the other 2 down to the fishermens huts and take a few pictures. I didn't pose them too much apart from lugging them up on the bins! My favourite way to capture children is to just watch and snap.

Will and I also took a trip to Norway in January which was just breathtakingly beautiful. Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the few days but you can see a full post over on my blog here.

February and the beginning of March was mainly snow filled. It was so lovely to be able to enjoy a few days off school and soak up all that is Winter. Although mildly stressful with 3 kids in tow, we went out as much as we could and we also made a little video here.

We also took a day trip to London, it was completely spur of the moment but so much fun, if a little bitter cold. We took the train to Charing Cross, got on many tubes and wandered through the Science Museum. I would highly recommend going to the museum if you haven't been before. Great for all ages and so much for them to see and do!

I also wanted to spend an entire day photographing our lives. I talk so much about photographing other people and their day to day life but I've never really done an entire day of us. With the help from Will, it was so so lovely to have these every day moments in photographs. So here are a few of my favourite pictures from our own 'Day in the life of' shoot. You can see the full post here.

We also decided in March that we wanted to set up a joint Instagram account. Although this is a bit of a personal blog post today I just wanted to touch on the business side a little bit. Will and I will eventually merge our businesses together, which we are SUPER excited about. So we thought we would start an account to just share our pictures we take and there are so many we have of us that others have taken too. This will eventually become our business account but we wanted a place to 'dump' all our couple snaps. Mildly cringey, but so fun ;)

We took a few in the Old Town of Hastings and also headed to Dungeness to take some too. It really helps with keeping our minds creative and trying out new things. Also its interesting to be able to know how awkward other couples may feel being in front of the camera too!

April was super busy, with Easter gatherings, woodland walks, a trip to Bath and housesitting for some family and also taking full advantage of a blossom tree at the top of the road. These are some of my favourite photos of this year!

Although we are only half way through May, it has been a complete and utter whirlwind. Wedding season has officially kicked in and we had already done a full circle of the entire country (thereabouts!). So I wasn't left with much time at all for personal pictures but we did take a day off in Manchester and chased the light before it settled behind the city buildings.

I'm super excited to get knee deep into wedding season and photograph the beautiful families booked in over the Summer too. If I'm photographing you - I can't wait to meet you! If I'm not but your keen to find out more - I'd love to hear from you!