Documentary Brighton family photo shoot


I bumped into Kelly and her family back in February when we were out exploring Birling Gap and I knew instantly I wanted to photograph them. Being a family photographer means I am forever seeing families I want to photograph when out and about but I never pluck up the courage to approach them. One of my goals this year was to just put my big girl pants on and hand out a few cards to people I am drawn to.

I was overjoyed when Kelly emailed me a few days later to book in our session. Fast forward 6 weeks and I met up with Kelly, Matt, Orla and Delilah on Brighton pier for their shoot. 

Just one rule stands on my family shoots; No looking at me! Unless specifically asked. 

These guys smashed it, I loved photographing them with a documented approach and they needed very little guidance. No posing, no standing in a line all facing me smiling. Just 4 humans having fun on the beach...