Family photography in Sussex - It's changing!


I've been pondering writing this blog post for quite some time, and with the Spring / Summer season fast approaching us I thought now would be a good time to get ideas down to paper. 

Family Photography.

As I have written down and told so many of my clients before, my photography all started with photographing my own children. As soon as I could work the basics of a DSLR camera I quite literally didn't go anywhere without it. I started photographing them at the park, in the bath, days out to the beach, or just at home. I used to upload albums upon albums to Facebook and the more I did, the more I loved being behind a camera. To my utter amazement it soon enough became my job, but I felt a lot of pressure to deliver formal photographs rather than the natural style I was used to doing at home.

I attended a few workshops during the last couple of years, a lot based around documentary style photography. They completely inspired me and I absolutely loved the creative energy I got after. My photography instantly changed, I stood back a bit more and I just let things happen and I documented it along the way. My personal photography took a giant leap and I was absolutely loving my photographs I was producing of my children.

It dawned on me at the end of last year that although my outlook on photography changed dramatically, I hadn't been implementing this into my family photo shoots. My wedding style changed, my personal photography changed, but my family sessions didn't develop in the same way. I also noticed that my personal photography usually got a few more hits than any other photographs I uploaded. When I decided to enter the Range Finder Family Awards of 2018 I wanted to share documentary style photographs and when I started going through my last year of family photographs I only really had a collection to submit of my own children. Which turned out to be a bloomin' good decision because low and behold I won! I didn't realise how well recognised documentary style family photography is.


The epiphany. 

So things are changing! I want to spend more time during family sessions getting to know you, your children, your grandparents - whoever comes along! This may mean that our sessions will be more like 2 hours than 1 but I really believe it will be so so worth it! I think the main difference between my family sessions and my personal photography is that I, of course, have such a huge connection with my own children. A usual family session, we'd meet up for an hour and have a little chat at the beginning and then get straight into it. For some children this may be overwhelming or just down right embarrassing! So why not go grab a coffee in a cute cafe, we can have a chat, talk about your week and get to know each other a bit more. I can explain to your family how the session will work, and then we can start getting into the session more. The kids will feel more relaxed around me, they'll know what to expect and this will make for more spontaneous photographs.

My main aim for 2018 is to make every family session as relaxed and unposed as possible. We will of course keep some staged photographs in the mix, but instead of everyone standing like statues, we'll put kids on shoulders, we'll leap about in a field or run along the pavement. We'll just have a ruddy good time! And in the process of all of this, you'll receive REAL photographs of you as a family. Timeless, and so much more cherished.

I'm SO excited for this years sessions!