Range Finder Family Awards Winner!!

Back in November I saw that Range Finder were running a family photography award. After pondering whether I was even going to enter I finally decided I would submit 6 images of my 3 children . The next dilemma was which photos - and debating profusely whether I loved them for reasons a mum would love them rather than if they actually photographically worthy. 

I decided I wanted to share a documentary style with a sense of adventure. As after all, being out and about and exploring the East Sussex countryside is what my 3 like to do best!

After sharing the link a few times and it was open to public vote, I had pretty much forgotten all about it. Until one Thursday afternoon in February I had a flurry of calls and messages from a few of my photographer friends. 

'You've WON!!'

Say whaaaattt?!

I was utterly shocked and in equal measures bloody delighted that I had been picked, not by public votes but by the judges of this worldwide well known magazine, for a 2018 Range finder family award!!

I honestly could not believe it, and it didn't really sink in until the next day when I had a proper look at who I was up against and the other winners in other categories. Seeing my name alongside so many incredibly talented photographers, some my friends, was just beyond overwhelming.

So, I wanted to say Thank You. Thanks to you, reading this, because you're here for a reason. You may have stumbled across my page, you may have followed along for a few years or you might be my Mum (more than likely just my Mum). But THANK YOU! I am so so grateful for every lovely word you leave me, every client that books me and trusts me to capture their families. I am so thankful for the families I get to meet through my job and for the kid reviews.

Just THANK YOU! From the deepest depths of my photography loving heart.

The winning photo collection...

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