An all day family photo shoot in Sussex


Half term crept up on us quickly and in the week leading up to it my head was full of work work work. I thought about nothing else other than ticking off my to do list. So when the weekend came around and the kids had broken up from school I had a minor meltdown to my Mum about my lack of ideas, my lack of motivation and my lack of willingness to art and craft... (come on, who enjoys that stuff with 3 kids?!)

So after a minor pep talk, ideas thrown around and a good old cry, I decided I would photograph one of our days from start to finish. More commonly known as 'A day in the life of'. After all, photographing the children is where my job first started. In the heart of the countryside of East Sussex, in our little house, in the woods, at the park. All of my photographs stem from them, and thats where my love of photography lies.

So here's our day - some down time, an incredibly windy trip to Camber Sands resulting in a must have fish and chip lunch in Rye, East Sussex.. Baking biscuits (don't believe everything you see, I may have muttered under my breath a lot) and just pottering about the house. It has its perks when living with a guy who is also a photographer - Thanks Will for making sure I existed in these photos too!

A day of unposed, undirected photography turns out to be one of my favourite things to do. I specifically told them that any posing would not make the cut! Any eye contact you see here was spontaneous, it just so happened to be that I had my camera in hand. Capturing them doing what they do best, just being kids. Exploring, playing, having fun. These are the photos I'll look back on in years to come, that will remind me how much I cherish the small things. 

If you are based in or around East Sussex, Kent and London and would like a lifestyle documentary family photo shoot then i'd love to chat with you!