Image of the week - Elsie

A new thing i'm bringing over to the blog will be an Image of the week post, not only in an attempt to get me blogging more but also to share my year in weekly form with just one image. I thought it would be an awesome way to look back on the year by next Winter too.

So this week is a personal favourite, and I can already tell this task I have set myself is going to be so hard narrowing it down to just one, especially when I have weddings coming out of my ears through 2018 not only in the UK but abroad too!

For those of you who haven't seen this little face around, I introduce you to Elsie. My very nearly 6 year old. A bundle of determined, bossy wonderfulness. We took some photos in our home in East Sussex, with a carrier bag wrapped around my lens. I was trying to get a soft blur at the edges, and in hindsight I should have layered up the bag more but for these I quite like the gentle softness. I think I'll be trying this little trick at some family photo shoots I do this year.


Family photographer east sussex

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