Norway - January '18

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As I sit here to try and find the words to describe the weekend we have just had I wonder why on earth I only got the travel bug last year. 

I have always loved the idea of travelling and I have always said I never want to visit the same place twice, as there really is so much to see of this world and I want to see it ALL! But I guess with the children being small and life just rolling on year after year I always just thought the dream of it would always remain a dream.

The last year I have experienced things I only ever thought dreams were made of and for that, I will be forever grateful. What a wonderful world we live in, what incredible places there are to see and foods to taste. The travel bug has officially grabbed hold of me and I'm never letting it go. It can stay, thanks bug.

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So, Norway. Where do I start!? 

We flew out to Oslo on Friday morning, double socks and gloves at the ready. We spent the first afternoon exploring the city, eating hearty food and drinking all the mochas Oslo had to offer. We stayed in a small but cosy modern apartment just a 5 minute walk from the city centre which was perfect. Dodging the ice and admiring all the beautiful people and shops of Oslo, soaking up the fairy lights and ice skaters, we walked to through to evening light and admired from the rooftop of the Opera House the city below. 

We decided just a few days before we set off that we should hire a car and drive up to the Fjords of Norway on the Saturday. Bloody hell are we glad we did! Seeing the landscape in the snow from a warm car and stopping every 50 miles or so to take some pictures was by far my favourite part of this trip.

We spent the entire 400 miles in absolute awe of our surroundings, Norway really IS like a magical fairytale you only see in childrens Christmas books! I was quite literally blown away. (No, really, I was actually blown away. Elbow and side ruined, and so is my favourite lens. Whoops. Definitely shouldn't have decided to do a light jog on an icey road in a -15 degrees snow storm.)

I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

We then spent Sunday and Monday exploring the city some more and visiting a couple of galleries and museums, I didn't take many more photos as it was just relaxing soaking it up with my own eyes instead of through a camera. 

In short, just go visit Norway! It will take your breath away.