3 wanderers

family photography east sussex

It feels like the days are going by in a flash and before I know it another week has passed and I haven't picked up my camera to photograph my ever changing 3 small humans. 

This is how I started. Walks in the woods or picnics on the beach, I always had my camera in hand. When work takes over, especially during the Summer months, I kind of lose all focus and forget to pick my camera up for anything other than work. We had the odd trip out but I just wanted to enjoy their time and invest my energy on actually just being with them and not taking photographs of everything in sight. 

So when Autumn rolls around the camera comes back out and they very quickly remember how annoying I am. I woke up this morning and the sun was beaming over the rooftops and I decided in an instant we'd load the dog in the car and stick our wellies on and go out wandering after school. With my camera. And there will be no moaning. 

This time of year I suddenly realise how much they have grown over the summer. All that sea air and Vit D seems to make them change in just a few short weeks and my little innocent humans become less round, more independent and just a tiny bit taller. So of course I want to capture this!

We headed to Hastings Country Park to save on the muddy wellies in our new car and boy did the sun shine for us. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

If you'd like a family shoot just like this then i'd love to hear from you. I adore capturing families in a natural environment, Hastings Country Park is the perfect location for exploring. Head over to my contact page and give me a bell!